Boarding Out Lofts and Installing Loft Ladders

With storage space at a premium these days, loft ladders can be a good alternative is to use your loft space effectively by converting and giving access with a loft ladder.

Many people seldom think about daring to climb up into the dusty area at the top of their house, only venturing into the loft when either throwing up some more junk or the Xmas tree until the next year. As a result, many people miss out on using this excellent space as an effective storage or living area.

loft ladders

As moving house more prohibitive in a recession and with everyone making cutbacks, installing a loft ladder makes logical sense. Doing so saves spending on exorbitant estate agent fees, removal costs and all the hassle associated with moving house.

Boarding out your loft is the first step. Doing this can also be done professionally, with the floorboards screwed securely to the floor, just as in the rest of the house. You can use real hardwood, laminate or one of the many quality options available. Your loft really can be as comfortable as every other room in your house.

Once your floor has been fitted, you can then move onto enlarging the actual loft hatch if needed, and then fitting a loft ladder to fit. Installing a proper loft ladder will pay dividends, as when you are climbing up and down regularly, you need something secure and safe, designed for continuous use.

If you are feeling like you really want to splash out, you could even consider installing a complete timber stairway up to your loft.

Loft ladders have different working loads, and in the UK, British standard regulations apply. As an example, a basic economy ladder would have a working load of 100kg, ranging all the way up to a heavy duty ladder with a load rating of 160kg.

When you project is complete, you should have a loft ladder that fits the loft hatch entry point perfectly. Many builders did not consider that people might want to convert their loft into something other than a dusty storage area. Having your loft converted really can add value to your house and give you a practical space to live in.


Enlarging a loft hatch can be done at the same the ladder is installed, with the option to even relocate the hatch to a more suitable position if it awkward.

You may be unlucky enough that the house builder installed the loft hatch opening in either the bathroom or even a cupboard. In this case, moving the loft hatch is not a problem and is preferable to squeezing through an uncomfortable space or angle.

Your new loft ladder hatch can be completely bespoke and insulated timber to suit the required measurements. Alternatively, a ready made insulated UPVC hatch can also be fitted.

As always, before you install any loft ladder or make structural changes to your house, please ensure you check with your local planning authorities to see if it needs planning permission.

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