Guide to Curtain pole Installation (DIY)

Fixing that curtain pole to your wall requires a thoughtful approach. It’s not a simple job as many would like to believe,especially if your wall is a little old. In fact, achieving a secure fixing can turn out so difficult if your wall is made out of soft and crumbly bricks and plaster. You will also have to put into consideration your wall type.

But none of these should keep you worried because we have you covered. Just before you start out, here are a couple of things you will need to have in curtain pole installation:

  • Curtain poles
  • Curtain brackets
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Wall plugs
  • Drills and bits
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Take measurements

First off, use your measuring tape to identify the expected length of the curtain pole. You can begin by working out the length of the window and then adding a few centimeters to each side. This is to enable the curtain to be drawn back far enough that it will not block out light during the day.

If your curtain is made out of heavier material and a thicker lining, it means they will take up reasonable space when pulled back and so for them not to block light during the day, you will have to make your pole long enough to accommodate them.

Step 2: Establish a place to fit the pole

Next, figure out a proper place to fix the pole. Remember to put into consideration the length of your curtain. Another thing to note is that regardless of whether the curtain’s length is short or long, fixing the pole a few inches above the window is recommended as this will make it attractive and maintain warmth during winter.



Step 3: Mark the brackets’ positions

At this point, you will need company. Even though you can have the brackets fixed in a position parallel to the window, marking up the positions will require that you use your eyes and having a person on the other side will help to ensure the curtain pole is level.


Step 4: Drilling the roles

Before fixing the brackets and poles, you will have to make guide marks. You can use a bradawl to do it. Next, you will have to do the drilling and this will depend on your specific wall or existing structure. If part of your window set up includes a wooden section set aside for that, then proceed to make a hole and drive a screw in it.

If the wall is made out of stone or brick, have a wall plug inserted first. Pick a drill bit that will match the plug and a plug that will match the screw size. Lastly, ensure you drill to the correct depth. While using the drill, hold it square to the wall. Also, check to ensure there are no popes or cables in the wall.

Most newer or refurbished buildings will have a concrete lintel and drilling into such walls with a cordless drill may not be possible. So opt for the corded ones. And if they fail, go for the SDS (Special Direct System) drill.

Step 5: Fixing the brackets

Now proceed to insert the screws through the brackets (one bracket at a time). If the bracket has two holes, drive the first screw half-way first so that you can mark the position of the second hole and drill it while the bracket is swivelled to the side. Do the same for the other bracket and while doing it survey to ensure their positions are right.

Step 6: Attach the poles

Once you have fixed the brackets and they all seem well secured, proceed to attach the poles. If you feel that the weight of your curtains and linen might overpower the pole, install the third bracket in between the two brackets on the sides. Finally, take the rings and slide on the poles and thereafter have your curtains and linens fixed.

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