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Bespoke Media Walls In Nottingham

A media wall is a custom-built wall that you can use to house audio, video and gaming equipment. It can easily feature a nice electric fireplace too!

Many homes have media walls or entertainment walls as a key feature in their living rooms. They anchor the space and provide a focal point. They are now an important feature in a home, as they can be used to replace a traditional fireplace. But you don’t need to be compromising on your media wall or fireplace. As integrated electric fireplaces become more popular features of walls, they will also serve to enhance the look of your room.

Each media wall design is unique and built to meet the customer’s needs. They look great when they are matched with the home’s architecture and decor. If you decide to sell your home, they can be a selling point.

The wooden frame is the base of your media wall. You can personalise the design and size of your media wall to match your room. This stage is when the electrical installation and management start. Media walls provide the ideal space and cavities for hidden cables.

Stunning Media Wall Designs

You can match the paint color to your room or have the entire room painted. You could even consider adding Venetian Plastering to your design.  There are many lighting options, including ceiling lighting, shelving lighting and back lit screens. These can all be integrated into your mediawall.

Every media wall is custom-made so we can include surrounding shelves and cupboards to suit your needs. Sound bars and speakers form an integral part any AV installation. Media walls also include sound bars and speaker quality.

To anchor your living room, you don’t have to choose between TV and fireplace. Beautiful inset electric fire places can add the WOW factor.

These are just a few of the media wall projects we have completed. There are media wall packages that will suit every budget and requirement. Please call us on 0115 822 9995 to discuss your specific needs.

Custom built and high quality finish

Media units are cleverly designed to store your TV and look good even when it is turned off. A tailored media unit is a great way to add elegance to your home.

We can create the media unit that you have always wanted, no matter what your design preferences may be. Our custom-built media units are able to transform any living space and elevate your viewing experience.

Media Walls With Fireplace

Homefix Handyman Nottingham takes pride in producing high-quality furniture for your perfect entertaining space. We offer a variety of finishes and materials to create the perfect solution for your living or media room.

Everything we do is custom-made to suit the client’s requirements. Our personalised service begins with a consultation and design meeting. This is where you have the opportunity to share your ideas and desires with our designer, and to discuss the look and style that you would like to achieve with your custom media or TV unit. After the design brief has been agreed upon, our team will create a mockup of your project that you can approve. We will consult with you at every stage to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the work.

Nottingham Media Walls

For a truly unique addition to your home, combine your high-quality fireplaces with your home entertainment system. Media walls are a combination of your home entertainment system and your modern electric fireplace to create an impressive feature that will enhance the appearance of any living area.

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to design and create a bespoke media walls. This allows you to match the interior and architecture of your home with the feature.

The perfect media system should look amazing in your home. Our media walls allow you to choose the design that you like and the color you prefer. So technology can fit in any room.

These are space-efficient, since modern TVs with inset fireplaces are slimline. They barely appear to extend beyond the walls.

Media walls are specially constructed walls that house audio and video equipment. Many homes have media walls or entertainment walls as a key feature in their living rooms. They anchor the space and provide a focal point.

It is a way to make sure that your media has a dedicated space in which to be stored. This will allow you to have a focal point to draw people into the room. A media wall, in its most basic form, is simply the wall that your TV mounts on.

Most media walls, including the one on which your television or fireplace is mounted, are stud walls. A stud wall usually consists of a wood frame that is covered with plasterboard. A stud wall can also be used to save space in your home.

For a media wall, a decent thickness is between 20 and 24 inches. Because a media wall has a unique design, it is important to ensure that the wall can accommodate the wiring and cables as well as the fireplace.

Modern gas fireplaces with built-in TVs are a great solution, whether your chimney is already in use or you’re starting from scratch with a home or new construction.